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So i always think it’s great to know the people behind the brands (well small brands at least!!lol) it makes you feel more connected to them in a way.  So here is where i tell you guys all about me!

My name is Kayleigh, i’m 30 years old and i am born and bred in the Black Country – Gornal to be exact! Which if you have never heard of is in the Town of Dudley! (Near Wolverhampton & Birmingham for those who still are unsure!lol)

I have always been very imaginative and as i have gotten older realised i am also pretty creative! I love beautiful things, honestly anything pretty i’m just drawn to it! I have a weird obsession with gorgeous packaging as well.  So based on all this, (plus my love of gift giving) i decided to create lovely things myself!

I work from my home studio, where i spend most of time working on new ideas and also fulfilling current orders.  It really is so much fun and i put so much love and passion into all my ideas and creations!!  I am very lucky in that i get help for amazing creative ideas from my lovely boyfriend Sam (who is a carpenter, so he really comes in handy) i also draft in my lovely Mother to help me – i get my creative gene from her! My amazing Grandad is kept busy helping me out with endless post office runs!! 🙂  So as you can see it is a lovely little family business!

  • Self confessed Harry Potter geek!  I do actually know all the words to each of the movies, i watch them every month! – Sad i know but what can i say! lol
  • Big fan of the Golden age of Hollywood! (So much so i have Marilyn Monroe tattooed on my shoulder!)
  • Going out for cocktails, prosecco or wine (basically just alcohol!) with my lovely other half, friends and family makes me happy!
  • I adore holidays(who doesn’t?!) The Greek Islands being my favourite place to be! I am very into history so love visiting historical sites wherever i go!
  • Yankee candles, Johnny Depp, anything pink, shoes, re-runs of friends, fluffy cushions, Disney films, family, friends, my boyfriend, vogue magazine, Christmas, laughing, Chinese food, pretty things, teddy bears and crafting –  These are a few of my favourite things!
  • Most people who know me describe me as outgoing, a little crazy & weird but also very kind! 🙂