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In our busy society i find that people often don’t always have the time to get everything done! We have all been there when a friend or family member is having a tough time and have reached out to us but it seems we struggle to be able to pop round to be that shoulder to cry on at times! Maybe a friend in need lives much further away now and getting to visit is tough… but all that shouldn’t mean we can’t take out some time to let them know we are thinking of them!

A simple phone call, text message or even email is a great way to remind them you are here and you care!! Even better send something thoughtful.  The internet is great for inspiration and for being able to order something and arrange the delivery all with the swipe of a screen!!

It is also great for opening us shoppers up to a treasure trove of amazing gifts, so sending something more thoughtful and personalised than flowers is just so easy to do now!  If you are looking for something to send to a friend to reminder her/him that you care, that they can beat whatever life is throwing at them or just remind them how wonderful they are then check out our guide on the best gifts to show them you care!

1.) Happy Box

Happy Box

How cute is this by Harfields Design !! Designed to really brighten someone’s day it features A5 Notebooks x2 – Because they can do anything they set their mind to, A6 Sticker Set – Stick some happiness wherever they choose., Fudge – Because fudge makes everything better, Sparklers – To sparkle up their day, Bath Bomb – For that happy relaxing time! Priced at £20 it’s a little beauty


2.) I will not sink charm bangle


This is so pretty!! Gorgeous charm bracelet from Daisy Harvey Designs.  We personally love this one! It’s a really simple, yet powerful statement and is a wonderful reminder to someone going through a tough time to stay strong and keep going.  A wonderful thought and how lovely to think you could be the source of encouragement to a friend on a down day!  At £7.95 it really is great for anyone on a budget as well.


3.) Every Cloud Cufflinks


These cufflinks are a great idea for a guy gift!! Just a reminder that every cloud does have a Silver lining!  They come beautifully packaged from Louy Magroos and do make for a wonderfully thoughtful gift


4.) Be your own kind of Beautiful


This framed quote is one of our designs and features on our Styled by Starlet Etsy store.  It’s a lovely gift to remind a friend to be themselves, be their own beautiful.  It’s so easy to lose our own identities and feel bad about ourselves in this crazy social media age and does cause so much hurt, illness and depression amongst people who don’t feel they are good enough, so we created this a reminder to everyone to always just be you.  The framed quote is priced at £8.50


5.) There for you frame



This framed quote is perfect to remind your friend your thinking of them, even if you’re not able to see them often!  This is from Under the Blossom Tree and is priced at £12.50 which is great!!! It’s a beautiful quote and a great gift idea!

6.) Miles apart but close to the heart keyring


This gorgeous key ring is another lovely idea for a friend who lives a long distance away!! It’s a constant reminder that although you maybe far, you’re always there in each other’s hearts! This lovely little key chain is from boriville and is priced at £10.98


7.) Girl Boss Pillow


One of your girls working hard and creating her dream life? No matter what area of life she is killing it at how about sending this gorgeous cushion to remind her that she is a girl boss and she is kicking ass!!.. This is from Treasure your Gifts and is for sure a pretty cushion that i could see decorating my bedroom! Go on.. remind your girl how much of a female boss she is!!


8.) Serotonin Bracelet


This bracelet is beautifully unique.  The charm on it represents the molecular structure of serotonin, which is the feel good hormone/neurotransmitter.  It’s a bracelet with a feel good factor and is definitely different.  It’s actually fabulously thoughtful and is great for anyone you know going through a hard time.  It is available from Poppy Kitten Designs and the price starts from £10.00, you can even add extra charms such as initials!  This really is a lovely one and will be something i would love to buy for a friend!


So there you have it! Our 8 picks for gifts to show them you care!! So why not get your shopping head and send a friend a gift to show your thinking of them and you love them, it can make all the difference to people going through tough times!

Thanks! 🙂

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Lots of Love

Kayleigh & Tina


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