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Perhaps you have been following us for a while on social media or have come across our website or maybe you have been googling wedding or event companies in the local area and you love everything you see but aren’t 100% on exactly what wedding or event styling actually is? ….. Don’t worry this post will explain it all to you!  So many people don’t really like to ask ‘well what exactly is it that you do?’ for fearing of looking silly and to be honest sometimes it’s not always completely obvious what stylists do or how they can help you with your wedding or party.

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First thing to know is that styling is not planning.  Wedding planners and wedding stylists are very different.  A planner takes care of the actual planning of the wedding in all aspects and a styling company deals with the styling of the event.  So the design, concept or theme, decor items, props etc.,

The dictionary definition of styling is ‘the way in which something is made, designed or performed.’  So just in the same way a hair stylist will create you a new look or a fashion stylist will design a new dress, we create beautiful weddings and events.


Styling is something we all actually do everything without even thinking about it most of the time.  You wake up and in the morning do your hair or makeup and dress yourself – that’s styling yourself.  You buy new furniture or accessories for you home, that’s home styling.  We all do this differently because each person is an individual.  Whereas you may gone into a home wear store and fall in love with a beautiful wooden rustic lantern another person will hate it and go for a  very modernistic metal sculpture, the point i am making here is that everyone has their own individual style and that when it comes to weddings and events more and more of us are now choosing to display our personal styles and likes through these special occasions.


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So taking all this on board weddings and events are becoming much more than just white chair covers with champagne coloured sashes, scattered crystals on tables and little love heart favours – not that there is anything wrong at all with that but there has just been a huge shift in the way we choose to style events now.  Let’s take a wedding for example, ultimately it’s an expression of 2 people’s love.  It’s a joyous occasion where people come together to celebrate the couple, so of course it only makes sense to express yourselves both individually and as a couple through your wedding.  You can speak to your guests through your styling choices.

Example you are known for a couple being obsessed with cheese, don’t have a sweetie buffet at your wedding have a cheese table.  You’re (like me) obsessed with Harry Potter, go for a full Potter theme or add in small elements to represent that side of yourself say for example a sorting hat table plan or tables named after different characters.  This way your guests feel like they have really been to your wedding and not just a generic wedding that could have been anyone’s!


Image via bravo bride


Image via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

If your other half is demanding some love is shown to his Star Wars obsession but you want to work a beautifully chic style your friends know you for then don’t despair because believe it or not this can actually work well if styled properly.  It brings in your other halfs personality and hobbies and what he is known for as well as your own style.  A good stylist can actually work with you to help create this look so it works well and doesn’t look odd.


Image via Bridal Musings photo taken by Viva Wedding Photography


Maybe you have just decided you want a rustic feel to your wedding, it’s in the styling where this comes out to your guests.  Styling allows you to be creative and enables you to really immerse your guests and yourselves in the vision of the day.  Perhaps you have seen these amazing ceremony set ups in a woodland but want to create that look indoors, this is what a good stylist can do for you.

Let’s say you have been tasked with throwing a breakfast at tiffany’s birthday party it’s how you style it that will make or break it.  Don’t go into it half hearted you need to really commit to a theme to make it work and believe me no matter what your budget if you nail the styling it will work.  You have the concept you just need to decide on how to bring that life.  White napkins with Tiffany coloured ribbon to tie them, tiffany boxes with little favours in, a DIY photo booth … there is so much available to bring it to life.


Image via Design Muse

This is where a styling company comes in.  Maybe you have the idea but need to help and guidance to bring it to life or you have no idea where to get all the necessary decor and props from to make your look work?  You have no time to do it all – a styling company can assist with all this.

I’m not going to go into huge detail of what we do as it’s all listed in our services page, however as a styling company this is what we do.  We design, create and perform in order to help our clients attain that dream vision.  A celebration is something happy, something joyous and something memorable and we strive to ensure our clients have the very best in order to capture the imagination of every single guests so that for those wonderful hours of celebration we can help to  transport them to a world of complete magic and beauty all achieved through great styling.


Kayleigh & Tina


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2016 Wedding Styled by us


2015 Styled Shoot done by us, click here to see more


Photo via Vail Studio


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