So after a wonderful weeks holiday in Kefalonia i absolutely fell in love with the Island!  It is so perfect and it really is so romantic.  This stunning Island would really make for a perfect honeymoon destination.  So here is a review for anyone out there trying to decide on that perfect honeymoon location.

We stayed in the resort of Skala, at the San Giorgio Hotel.  Literally had the best view from our room! Waking up the that everyone morning was just pure perfection!!!




Kefalonia is a more quiet Island compared to the likes of Crete, Zante, Santorini etc., it has more of a chilled out vibe and more of a traditional Greek feel.  The resort of Skala is so pretty, gorgeous cobbled high street with cute little shops and taverna’s.  There is some great bars as well if you want some music and dancing!

We had a lovely romantic meal on the sea front at a lovely restaurant called Symposium, so pretty! They have a woman playing the piano and candles on the tables, really is so romantic.


The Captains bar is a favourite of most people who stay in Skala!  It is a quaint little cocktail bar, only small but with a brilliant atmosphere! The staff are amazing and the music is great!  Visit between 6-9 for happy hour and grab yourself some amazing cocktails.  Little shot below of me and the hubby with my sparkling cocktail!

captains bar


Whilst there we hired a car and visited a few places on the Island, i highly recommend this for anyone wanting to see the beauty of Kefalonia.

Fiskardo is literally one of the prettiest places i have ever seen.  It is the only place on the Island not damaged in the 1953 earthquake so you get to see the original architecture.  It is has a very picturesque port which is lined with tavernas and shops.  There are luxury villas and gorgeous little hotels in the area if you want to make Fiskardo your own little honeymoon heaven.


Hotel Emelisse (5 Star Luxury Hotel)



Now if you are a beach lover then Myrtos Beach is an absolute MUST see.  It is the famous beach of Kefalonia, it’s the most photographed beach in Greece – in fact one of the most photographed in the world!  Consistently been voted Greece’s best beach and even appeared in the film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin which was filmed on Kefalonia.  It’s beautifully clean and a it’s turquoise waters are to die for!


We also stopped of and visited the stunning village of Assos.  One of largest castles in Greece sits atop a hill in Assos built back in 1593.  It’s a bit of a walk to get up to it but if you are a history buff then it’s well worth a visit.  Otherwise have a little stroll around the gorgeous village of Assos.  There is a small pebble cove if you fancy a dip whilst your there.



Photo via Thompson


Photo via Thompson

Argostoli is the capital of Kefalonia.  It is a charming capital with an array of shops, restaurants and bars.  Has a busier feel to it being the capital but still charming.  It is very popular with tourists who wish to catch a glimpse of the Island Loggerhead Turtles who visit the Koutavos Lagoon.  It really is a wonderful sight, visit wildlife sense to find out more about them and conservation work done.


Now my absolute favorite day in Kefalonia was when we went over on a trip to neighbouring Island, Ithaca.  This stunning Island is only half an hour away on the ferry from Sami, and can also be visited from the port in Fiskardo.  It is a relatively small Island with a population of around 3000.  It really feels like you have stepped back into old Greece when you visit the Island.  It really is an Island which feels like pure magic.  It’s beauty is breathtaking.

The Island is the home of the famous King Odysseus & the Islanders are very proud of this.  The capital, Vathy, is just magic.  A stunning town with a beautiful port filled with fishing boats, yachts and tourist vessels.  The taverna’s that line it are typically Greek and it’s just so easy to sit there in the sun and some people watching!  It is a relaxed pace of life on Ithaca and is absolute heaven for anyone wanting pure relaxation.


Photo via Go Greece Now

Vathy 2


There are some very beautiful villages to visit on Ithaca, we loved Frikes and Kioni.  It is 100% worth going to visit the various towns on this Island because they are so magical!  There is a wonderful history on Ithaca, and a huge sense of peace.  The rich & famous come into Ithaca regularly on their yachts to visit the crystal blue waters and the private little coves which are only attainable by boat and once you go you will understand why!

It is steeped in mythological history and is a symbol of the journey of life thanks to Homers Odyssey.  To me it was the most beautiful place i have ever visit and i really can’t wait to return!

There is no airport on Ithaca, you will need to fly into Kefalonia and get the boat over but there are some gorgeous boutique hotels and villas if you do want to stay on Ithaca.


Perantada boutique hotel, photo via Mr & Mrs Smith

5 Swimming Pool Night (B)

Korina hotel, Photo via Korina Hotel

So there is my review of Kefalonia including some photos! It really is a beautiful place and i would highly recommend it as a honeymoon location! So romantic.

If you wish to know anymore about this beautiful place or want any recommendations please do get in touch!

Thank you for reading & i hope you feel inspired to visit this beautiful place

Love Kayleigh


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