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Today we are discussing ceremony backdrops!  One of the great things about weddings now is how expressive couples are becoming and how great wedding designers have become at being able to create literally anything a couple desires.  No longer are couples required to stick to basics – it’s time to create beauty in events.  One area we have seen real creativity is ceremony backdrops.

With the rise is different styles of venues being selected for weddings we are seeing some beautiful focal points being created.  The ceremony is after all the most important part of the wedding so why not make the backdrop gorgeous.


Photo via The Knot

You are stood in front of friends and family declaring your love for each other.  Your guests are sat staring at you for a good while so it only makes sense to invest some time and budget into this area.

From big budget floral walls to DIY wooden crates with flowers there is a ceremony backdrop idea to suit all budgets and wedding styles, so lets explore a few shall we?

Flowers are always a hugely popular choice of decor for weddings and look incredibly beautiful when worked into a backdrop.  Take a look at these beauties.


Image via Brides


Image via Wed Book

Now a full on Kimye style flower wall is a show stopper and also comes with a hefty price tag so if you are wanting to create floral backdrop look but not on a celebrity budget then here are some gorgeous alternative ideas that are a little more purse friendly.


Image via Brides


Image via Rock my Wedding


Image via Tulle and Chantilly


Image via Wedding forward


Image via Style me pretty

Of course not everyone is wanting a floral archway for a ceremony backdrop.  There are actually many other gorgeous idea you could use, you will find many bespoke wedding styling & design companies like us will be able to source or make backdrops for you.  If you are a crafty couple there may be a few backdrop designs you can have a go at yourselves.  Keep scrolling for more fabulous ideas!


Image via Ruffledblog


Image via Green Wedding Shoes


Image via Brides


Image via Green Wedding Shoes


Image via 100 Layer Cake

As you can see there are some brilliant ideas for jazzing up your ceremony space and really bringing your wedding style into the wedding backdrop.  Pinterest is great for inspiration and you can even find some great DIY tutorials online if you want to create one of your own.

Give our ceremony backdrop board on pinterest a follow to see tonnes more ideas!

If you love these ideas and want your own bespoke ceremony backdrop please do contact us to see how we can help you!

Happy weekend!

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