Bringing your couple style to your wedding

Every couple is unique meaning every wedding should be unique.  Gone are the days when almonds are given as favours and a traditional fruit cake is served up for the wedding cake.  We are in the time if 21st century couples and accordingly 21st century weddings.

Your wedding is one of your most important days as a couple and not to mention a day you are spending a lot of money on so make it personal.  What are you known for as a couple? Ask a few close friends what pops into their heads when they think of you as a couple? You can then interpret certain aspects of this into your wedding.

For example when i think of my sister & her boyfriend i straight away think of their love of red wine and prosecco! and their love of holidays and breaks away.  So straight away i think wine glass centerpieces would be perfect for them!


Photo via Crafthubs

When i think of my brother and his girlfriend i straight away think of a more alternative wedding style.  I can easily imagine a cross between feminine wedding touches and the darker more alternative wedding style leaning to their rockier side.


Photo via Love this pic

So find your passions and turn them into the style of the day.  You can also have a monogram made for your wedding, this can be displayed on the dance floor, invites, tags on favours etc. literally anything you like.


Photo via Raleigh dream events

There are some amazing ideas out there for personalising your wedding.  Take a look at the below for inspiration.  I love this idea of having an aisle runner designed to display key moments throughout your relationship leading right up to the altar.


Photo via Angel in the north

This one is so cute! My other one would love this as he is obsessed with ketchup!  If you’re a couple know for a love anything like this then this is a brilliant idea.


Photo via Smashing the glass

Have a sign made for your wedding so people know where to head when they arrive.  It’s a lovely touch.


Photo via Before the big day

Include pictures of you both at different ages to go along with your table numbers.  A really fun idea.


Photo via paper blog

There really are so many creative ways you can add personal touches to your wedding and trust me your guests really will love it.  It shows who you are as a couple and everyone will be walking away saying ‘well that was definitely a Shell & Mark’ wedding.  At the end of the day this love story is all about you so why not celebrate it by making it about you!!


Photo via Huffington Post

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