Our guide to wedding dress shopping

Wedding Dress shopping – possibly one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning right?!  I remember really looking forward to dress shopping for my own wedding! Getting to try on amazing dresses whilst sipping on champagne! It’s pretty much every girls dream.


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So in order to make sure dress shopping is one of the best bits i have put together this little guide to help you out!

  • Firstly, it’s never to early to start your dress shopping.  Dresses can take a good 6 months to be made and then you need to have your fitting to check for alterations to be made.  So don’t leave it will the last-minute.
  • Remember bridal boutiques will almost always require an appointment to be made in advance for you to go and try dresses on, so don’t plan a spontaneous day out with your girls dress shopping as it’s unlikely you will be able to try any on.

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Image of Morgan Davies Bridal via Plan your perfect wedding

  • Do some research in advance on wedding dress styles.  Take a look in bridal magazines and on blogs etc., to see which styles you are drawn to.


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  • Although you may get that image in your head of the perfect dress don’t discount the input from the staff in bridal boutiques.  They see many, many brides and are actually so helpful with suggesting dresses to suit you that you may not have not thought of.   My wedding dress was actually a suggestion of the boutique owner, it wasn’t something i had in my head but as soon as i put it on i was in love!


Image via Hagley Bridal Studio


  • Don’t take a tribe with you when trying on dresses on.  Take just a few, maybe your Mom and a close friend or family member.  I recommend a max of 3 people.  It can get very stressful having a whole load of people with differing opinions and it can actually obscure your own view on the dress.  It’s ideal to leave any small children at home as Bridal boutiques are not particularly child friendly.


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  • Always remember to wear the right underwear.  A strapless bar really is idea so you have no straps obscuring the vision.
  • Make sure you are not wearing fake tan or a lot of make up.  You don’t want to leave any marks on the dresses


 Photo via Ever after guide

  • Take heels with you that are roughly the same size as what you will wear on the idea to help you get a vision of the length of the dress.
  • If you have a strict budget for you dress please make sure you tell them when you arrive, the last thing you want to do is try on dresses and fall totally in love with one out of your price range.  Ask the staff to just show you dresses in your price bracket.


Photo via Isaac Charles Bridal

  • If you have fallen in love with a particular style dress you have seen that’s out your price range take some pictures of it, you may find the boutique has a similar style of dress.
  • Don’t give up hope! Some people find their dress on the first shopping trip.    It took my 9 dresses and i found mine, but i know someone who tried on 34 before finding the one!


Photo via Dream Occasions

  • That old line ‘you know when you have found the one’ is actually true!!
  • STOP LOOKING when you have bought your dress.
  • When you have your dress, store it somewhere safe.  If you getting married abroad ask the boutique to pack your dress for you as believe me doing it yourself is a difficult task!


Photo via Blessings Bridal


Happy shopping!

Love Kayleigh



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