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Today’s feature is Fairytale Romance.  A concept that will be interpreted differently by every couple because of course everyone has a different view on fairy tales.  This style of wedding is one that has been around for a long time and still remains very popular.  So in this article we will look at the different ways fairytale weddings can be interpreted and also styled.

Now with this category being very broad when it comes to wedding styling i will focus on a few aspects in this post otherwise we would be here forever! 🙂  So starting off with one of the most popular design influences for this wedding genre: Disney.  Many women and men have long been in love with the magic of Disney movies and the romance of the stories so it’s no surprise a lot of people choose to incorporate Disney into their wedding day.  We go from full on Disney themes to just subtle hints here and there.  So firstly when deciding on the style concept of your wedding decide whether you want to go all out with a specific Disney movie theme or you want to add hints of a collection of Disney films throughout the wedding.

Pic By HotSpot Media - THE LITTLE MER-WIFE: DISNEY-THEMED WEDDING CREATES A SPLASH - IN PIC - Traci Hines and Leo Camacho star as Ariel and Eric in this Little Mermaid themed wedding. - It's the must-have for any true Disney fan: a Little Mermaid themed wedding. Complete with shell-shaped appetisers, a three-tier mermaid tail cake and a stunning beach backdrop, one enthusiast's wedding will be the envy of wannabe princesses all over the world. Traci Hines, from Los Angeles, transformed herself into Ariel and married her very own Eric for the fairy tale ceremony. With her tumbling red locks, the model is a dead-ringer for the daughter of King Triton, the ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantica....SEE HOTSPOT MEDIA COPY 0121 551 1004


Photo via: Daily Mail


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So these are a few specific Disney movie ideas.  The little mermaid themed wedding goes all out as the bride even has almost identical hair to Aerial.  Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Alice in Wonderland and Up are all the chosen films for the weddings featured in the pictures shown.  So if you have one film in mind then you can work on the style of that chosen movie.

Let’s say you have chosen Cinderella, you can hire the cinderella carriage to carry you in true princess style to your prince.


Image via Horse drawn occasions

Incorporate the beautiful cinderella shoes into your wedding.  Glass slippers will be rather uncomfortable so how about some beautiful silver glittery shoes.  If you are feeling particularly lavish then treat yourself to the Jimmy Choo Cinderella shoe.


Image via Jimmy Choo

You can then continue your theme with the centrepiece, wedding cake, room decor – right down to your wedding favours.

We then have the looser take on Disney, so if you want a slightly more adult take on Disney with more romantic nods here and there to different Disney stories then this is the way for you.  You don’t need to go all out with all the props here.  It’s a more elegant grown up design and gives your guests hints of the Disney magic without being full on.


Image via notonthehighstreet


Image via Pinterest


Image via Huffington Post

So moving on from the Disney inspiration to just beautiful fairytale romance.  Fairytale weddings are beautiful, elegant, romantic and magical.  Lot’s of florals and candles help create the beautifully romantic ambience but of course the interpretation is different for everyone.  You can create this look in any way you want as a couple so don’t feel the need to conform to the pink, floral wedding style if this isn’t you.  You can still have a fairytale look with darker colours or less girly charm if that’s your style.

If you are wanting to keep it light and bright then white is a great base colour, add in some pinks or lavender tones to add the feminine charm and plenty of big floral arrangements to create the romantic wow factor.


Image via Wedding Obsession


Image via inside weddings


Image via Bridal Musings

Romantic fairytale weddings incite a feeling a magic and beauty so can be done in a very dramatic slightly darker way whilst feeling like you’re in a fairytale.  So as i said above if the lighter more girly elegant tones isn’t the style that works for you then consider doing the darker more magical feeling of a fairytale.

One of important factors here really is lighting, think about a slightly darker venue – maybe a castle or grand gothic style stately home.  To add the magic touch to this plenty of fairy tales and tealights are perfect.  Tall antique gold candelabra surrounded by cream flowers and greenery actually look amazing for a fairytale wedding theme.  Get yourself a pinterest board and start pinning these more gothic fairytale pictures and create a vision for your wedding and carry it all the way through and your guests will be blown away by this beautiful take on fairytale romance.


Image via Green Wedding Shoes

6-red-gold-black-wedding-fairy-tale-floralsImage via dpark photo blog

1061283eb6ac5fb51d1a4ff9fa269788Image via Pinterest

88b9de119c6068fadc4f9313abf5193a Image via Ruffled Blog

So as you can see whether it’s a Disney fairy story, a slightly darker take on fairy tales or your own personal romantic fairy story there really is no right way of styling this.  Wedding design is all about your own personal take on style and your own personal relationship.  Weddings are becoming so much personalised now with couples wanting bespoke wedding design that tell their story.  So think about including your own love story in your wedding design – after all this is the day that you are finally getting that happy ever after.


Image via Huffington Post


Image via hitched


Image via Green Wedding Shoes

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Kayleigh


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