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Hope you have all had a wonderful Easter! ūüôā ¬†(she says whilst munching on a bag of mini eggs)!

So today’s post is all about finding your wedding style. ¬†There are so many different styles, colours, themes, destinations, services etc., for weddings it can be really overwhelming even just thinking about it!…

My advice to you before you begin the endless hours of searching pinterest and creating board after board filled with different ideas and you literally triple your wedding budget overnight is to just take a little time to work out your individual and couple style and how you want your wedding to represent that style.

Go through these basic questions and write down your answers:

  • Where do you shop?
  • What magazines do you like to read?
  • Are you high street or designer labels?
  • What style of decor is your home? – Country, Shabby Chic, Rustic, Glam etc.,
  • What type of restaurants & bars do you like to go?



This will help you to start understanding your tends as a couple and help you find a style that represents you. ¬†An example of this could be you enjoy shopping in gorgeous one-off vintage stores you find in historic market towns and eating in a quiet country restaurant is your idea of heaven. ¬†This shows that your couple style is more rustic and vintage in nature and a grand glam mansion probably isn’t your ideal wedding setting but a beautiful rustic barn is right up your street.


Image via Shustoke Barn / Darren Gair Photography

Then think about what do you like to do together and what people associate you with as a couple.

  • Are you a fun-loving, party animal kind of couple?
  • Do you enjoy travelling the globe together?
  • Do you love Animals?
  • Do you spend every weekend going to football matches together?
  • Ask your friends to describe you as a couple using 3 words
  • Are you movie buffs?

You may think this doesn’t have anything to do with your unique wedding style but trust me it does. ¬†Weddings are becoming much more personal these days – people are moving away from the stuffy traditional style of weddings and are wanting to show their own personalities in the wedding detailing.


Image via Bridal Guide

Love travelling? Met abroad whilst backpacking through Asia? You can bring this out in your wedding style in many different ways, Рtable names of countries you have been to together, different world cuisines served for your food.  There is so much you can do to show your styles.


Image via Ruffled Blog

Even your individual style can be represented. ¬†Do you or your other half a football club you’re fanatical about? You can show this by having a cake topper with the football strip on it.


Image via Creative Cakes

Big fan of superheros? Bring this out with a photo of the groomsmen with superhero socks or t-shirts.


Image via Bride to Bride

Your wedding is a celebration of you as a couple so your guests want to see all the things that make you who you are as ¬†couple!! ¬†You may think certain things aren’t very ‘weddingy’ or be worried about what people will think but believe me all your guests will love being able to walk away from your wedding thinking ‘that was so them’!

rock and roll inspiration board

Image via Bijou Bridal

We had glow sticks and shutter style shades at our wedding reception to bring in a bit of the party atmosphere and the guest loved them! Got some amazing pictures!!!

You can literally pull in any aspects of personality into weddings, there is so much available out there decor wise and style wise! Just take some time to think about the whole concept and how it will work but an injection of your own style is just what is needed for your special day!


Image via Vponsalewedding.co.uk


Image via Mark Paggett Wedding Design


Image via Snippet and Ink


Image via bloved blog


Image via Pinterest


Image via Wedding Bell

untitled-folder46-645x461 (1)

Image via tb dress


Love Kayleigh!




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