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Well after a lovely Christmas break Starlet Weddings is back and ready to take on 2016!! ….. The first post of the year is focusing on the wedding trends that are going to be big for 2016 going into 2017, so without much further ado let’s get started.


Lets start of with colours, although very personal to each couple there of course always colours that tend to trend more as we go through the seasons.  Pantone released the colour of the year earlier recently and we were very lucky in that they have selected 2.  Rose quartz & serenity, beautiful combination.  It is a nod towards a more tranquil soft colour palette.


2016 is also going to be hot for aquatic colours and beautiful jewel tones, expect to see a lot of emeralds, teals, and blues – Blue is hot for 2016 (snorkel blue is my favourite)! ¬†Metallic’s are still popular for 2016 especially copper tones. ¬†Rose Gold is a top pick for 2016 as is Grey. ¬†Ombre is still on the rise and will remain a popular choice for 2016.

pretty my party

Photo from Pretty my Party

snorkel blue


As ever the fashion, interior world have a huge influence for wedding style as does popular culture. ¬†James Bond has had a huge impact on grooms. ¬†More & more grooms are wanting a little more luxury for themselves with custom-made tuxedos, shiny shoes and dapper pocket squares. ¬†It’s goodbye tweed and hello black tie for a lot of grooms this year.


The influence of the new Alice in Wonderland film will be evident this year with many wonderland themed bridal showers and also beautiful whimsical touches to wedding receptions.  It is also a great theme for any couples planning a fun high tea style reception.


Photo from The every last detail

Geek chic and Gothic romance will also be a top pick for couple’s this year wanting to show their personalities a little more. ¬†The world has gone star wars crazy and this will definitely be coming through to the wedding world!


Old Hollywood is back but with a more sophisticated twist, think elegant gowns, sparkle, lace, abundance of floral decor and gorgeous lighting.  You can also expect to see the trend of lighting continue with hanging floral chandeliers, Edison bulbs and lanterns adorning Peoples weddings.  There is also going to be an interest in minerals this year with gorgeous pieces of quartz and semi precious stones being incorporated into decor.  Also trending in 2016, intimate weddings.  More & more couples are wanting a smaller guest list and a more intimate experience.  The weekend wedding is still popular with many couples hiring country mansions or boutique hotels for a weekend of wedding festivity with a few close friends and family.


Photo from Intimate Weddings

hollywoodglam_yourweddingdayPhoto from New England fine living


Every year we see certain themes trending, not meaning that every couple needs to have one of these themes because weddings are very personal. ¬†There are always those particular concepts however than influence decor and style & 2016 is no different. ¬†This year we are seeing festival luxe as one of the top themes (think Coachella). ¬†Tepee’s, fire pits mixed with long banquet style tables, family style food and bespoke cocktails. ¬†It is a step away from the more carnival style of last year and a nod in the direction of a more glam festival experience. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† There is also a resurgence of the glitzy sparkly wedding (not a fan of the word bling but basically the bling theme!) Crystals, sequins, sparkle and glam is all big for 2016, we are back to more is more!

We are also seeing more black tie affairs for weddings this year. ¬†What’s more they aren’t all going to be taking place in grand stately homes and ball rooms. ¬†There is a rise in more unique venue such as farms – but people are wanting the more elegant affair as opposed to rustic styles. ¬†Black tie on a farmyard – genius!

Finally not forgetting fairytale weddings. ¬†These are back for 2016, with a more elegant touch to them! Castle’s are slowly creeping back in and they are always a perfect pick for a fairytale wedding.



Photo from UK Wedding & event planning academy

bling wedding

Photo from Pinterest


Photo from Our fairytale wedding

Style & Decor

2016 will see a step away from rustic and vintage styles and more towards to old Hollywood and urban chic styling.  This will bring in plenty of demand for sumptuous linens, chair hoods, geometric decor & metallics.  Hanging decor is still huge and no doubt will remain very popular for quite some time.  Style and decor is pointing more towards luxury sophistication this year the inclusion of metallic shades fits perfectly with this.  Copper decor elements are bang on for 2016.  As we head toward summer bold colour pop will be huge this year as opposed to pastel hues.   Organic style is also growing in popularity, greenery styled in gorgeous copper vases looks just fantastic.


Photo from Bridal Pulse


Photo from Pinterest


Food is an integral part of a wedding and is always something guests remember.  I am happy to see that the UK is starting to get more creative when it comes to food at weddings after trailing after the USA for a while.  2016 will see a rise in more healthy meals being offered at weddings, family style service is also becoming more popular.  With so many gorgeous cuisines easily accessible couples are wanting to add more exotic touches to the menu which is a welcome trend.  Late night snacks are still rising in popularity with many people now having mini pizzas, hot dogs, chips and gourmet sauces on offer for hungry guests come midnight.  Sweetie carts and tables are out this year but dessert tables are in! A gorgeous table laden with beautiful puddings will for sure be a hit with guests.  Signature cocktails are quickly becoming a must have at weddings, people want something more fun and fancy available for their guests.  Naked cakes are still a popular choice for 2016 as a macaroons.  Metallic cakes are the big trend of 2016 for wedding cakes.  It also seems that tall cakes are back in!

family food

Photo from MA wedding guide

Burger&Fries   Photo from My WV wedding


Photo from Wedding & Wedding Flowers

Well that just about covers the basics!  A few more hot picks for 2016 РEntertainment, this is the year to think outside the box.  How about an aerialist hanging from a chandelier serving your guests champagne? or a living table for desserts!  If you are planning on a destination wedding why not consider Iceland? set to be the destination for 2016, breathtaking scenery and no doubt a very memorable experience.

Look out for exotic styles for weddings with jungle prints and safari featuring heavily this year! Influence from Morocco and Asia will also be prevalent this year.  It is also a patriotic year for the UK what with the Euro, Olympics and the Queens 90th birthday so no doubt we will see some red, white and blue colour schemes flying around!  Damask is back for 2016 so look out for gorgeous damask linens and decor style.


Photo from Aerial Artistry


Photo from Rock n roll bride


Photo from Burnetts Boards


Photo from Rubies & Ribbon

Well that’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed the read and hopefully got some inspiration for your wedding. ¬†Remember every wedding is beautiful and personalization is key, more and more couples are stepping away from tradition and planning their weddings based on them as a couple! ¬†So think about you both and what represents you, your likes, hobbies, interests and things that mean something to you and incorporate those ideas into your wedding.

Thanks for reading.

Love Kayleigh



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