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Sorry haven’t done a post in a while its been a little hectic over at Starlet Weddings, but i am back on the blogging!

Today’s topic – themed weddings.  Love them or loathe them theme weddings are always going to big in the wedding world.  The majority of weddings have a concept, this is usually one of the first things you will decide on.  The concept of your wedding is basically the overall style, colours and finish of the wedding.  You may decide on a clean all white modern wedding with simple decor or a lavish gold and red royal look, either way the concept is usually decided upon in the early stages as everything needs to work with the style you have chosen.

Now a theme is actually quite different to a concept, many people are put off when they hear the word theme.  You may here a couple say well my wedding theme is black and white.  Black and white can be classed as a wedding theme of course, as it is something to runs through the whole day.  I tend to avoid using the term theme though unless it is actually more of a specific theme.

Popular themes cover things such as Disney, Christmas, Harry Potter, Medieval etc., There are actually so many themed wedding ideas.  Couples will usually decide on something that they love, a film, a hobby or anything that has meaning to them.  You can always find weddings themed around the time of year with Christmas and Halloween being the two most popular.


Now, when you first begin to plan your wedding chances are you have spent hours and hours on pinterest and have boards full off millions of ideas!  Your head is buzzing with ideas – trust me i know i have been there! I think i changed the concept of my wedding about 4 times until i finally decided on the end product! Before you make any rash decisions i recommend you speak to your partner and get their input.  If you are obsessed with Disney and want a Disney theme wedding then check this with your partner and just make sure they are on board – you don’t want to end up battling against each other over having a themed wedding.


Photo Cred: Wedding Theme Ideas

So if you have decided that a full-blown themed wedding is for you then you really need to make it work.  You need to work it into the various aspects of your wedding or it just wont make sense.  I am going to use a Harry Potter themed wedding for my example on this post.

So lets say you are both Potter mad and you 100% are doing a Harry Potter wedding, you need to go all out!  Your invitations need to work with the theme so it gets the guests excited and looking forward to the wedding, it also prepares them for what to expect.  It is going to be really odd if you send out a white invitation with little crystals and bows on it and they turn up to a Potter fest!  Make sure you coordinate.  Choose your colours carefully, make sure they work with the theme.  You venue, flowers and reception decor need to all run with the theme.  Themes are actually quite fun so you need to keep this in mind and have some fun with it!


Photo from: Wedding Lovely


Photo from: Bridal Guide


Photo from: Buzz Feed

There are couples who take the theme so seriously they even request that guests come dressed up to the wedding – if this is you then go for it!


Photo from: Studio Impossible

My advice for themed wedding is to ensure its done properly or it will look tacky – and no one wants that.  Dont go into half halfheartedly, you need to fully embrace it.  If you need some help with the idea than contact a wedding planner or stylist and they can help you out with ideas on bringing your theme to life!

So in answer to the question, to theme or not to theme, this is really a decision that you need to make a couple.  There may be people who disagree with a theme idea and find it a little tacky and not wedding like but remember its your day, do you makes you both happy!  There is no real way that a wedding should be done, it should be done exactly how you want it to be.  If your a little undecided then hey i say go for it! It will be a wedding that everyone will remember and it will be so much fun!

Love Kayleigh



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