Crazy for Coupled …….

Hi Everyone!

Crazy for Coupled? I can imagine you are thinking what the hell does that mean! lol

Well today I am writing a post on a new and exciting app for anyone planning their wedding, it’s called Coupled.  It can only be described as similar to Pinterest in the fact it is a mood board app as such – that is kind of where the similarities end.  It is a UK-based app and features a host of amazing suppliers all based in the UK, the best part is all the pictures you see on this app are linked to the supplier.

So many times people are on Pinterest and fall in love with a picture but finding the original supplier of the product in the photo is sometimes absolutely impossible and hugely frustrating, I had this problem myself when planning my own wedding.


That is what I love about Coupled, it’s so easy to see the supplier behind the photo, you simply click on it and it brings up the company profile of the supplier and has various listings of how to contact them!  Such a dream.

I got involved with Coupled not long after its initial launch. Linda Cheung, the co-founder of the app called me and we had a great conversation about the app and after checking out my services she invited me to be a part of coupled.  As a lover of technology and a huge fan of social media and how it all helps to connect with couples and fellow suppliers i was thrilled to be asked!  Linda has amazing credentials and I immediately warmed to her personality and I could totally see the gap in the market for the coupled app.


So, for anyone out there looking for the hottest new app in the wedding world please take a check out coupled and drop me a comment with your thoughts!..


Happy Planning!

I'm on on Coupled

Love Kayleigh


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