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A historic day for Britain, 09/09/2015 Queen Elizabeth II will overtake Queen Victoria as the longest reigning British monarch.  This is a huge day for the Queen and a huge day for British history, so much so I wanted to dedicate a blog post to the subject.  I am a huge Royalist, I am really proud of our Royal family and totally love the Queen.  She is actually in my top 5 of women I find inspiring.


Queen Elizabeth didn’t actually generate much interest when she was born as she was never expected to become the Monarch, she was in fact third in line.  She was then of course put on the path to becoming Queen after the death of Grandfather, followed by the swift abdication of her Uncle Edward meant her Father, Albert (King George VI), became King.  She herself became Queen at the age of 25 back in 1953 after the death of her Father.


The Queen grew up in the midst of WWII and actually served in the war as a driver and mechanic.  She became engaged to Prince Philip & they got married in November 1947 at Westminster Abbey.  The Queen actually saved her ration coupons to buy material for her wedding dress.


She has since gone on to lead this country for 63 years and 7 months.  She has seen much change in the nation and indeed the world.  The huge rise and takeover of technology, the varying changes in the state of the country’s economy, the establishment of the EU are just a few!  There has been 12 prime ministers running the country whilst she has been Queen.  There have been many highs and lows of her reign – perhaps the lowest point would be the handling of the death of Princess Diana, she did however bounce back from this and really got to see what the national felt about her during the amazing jubilee celebrations!  She has also been witness to renewed popularity of the Royal family after the wedding of her grandson and future King of England, Prince William to Kate Middleton.  The wedding of the century captured the imagination of the world with millions of people tuning in to watch the ceremony.  Then came along Prince George and Princess Charlotte – again continuing to strengthen many people’s love of the monarchy.  The Queen herself is held with affection by many people and I am sure this is something that has helped her continue her role through all the long years.


On a personal note I find her an inspiration because she has never faltered, she has always been there as a constant figure-head of the country.  I know a lot of people disregard the Royal family and say they are a waste of money and don’t really do anything but actually there is so much that the Queen does and represents.  She is a person that we really don’t know much about on a person level and this just adds to the intrigue but I have no doubt that she works very hard in her role and has always taken her position very seriously.  The traditions and patriotism that comes with the Royal family is one of my favourite things about them, I enjoy seeing all the people out waving their flags and observing the traditions of the country it does make one feel proud to be English.


At 89 years old she is still travelling around and meeting people, smiling and taking an interest in people she meets, she is very politically astute and keeps a hand in the affairs on the country and the commonwealth – I hope I am still in good health at 89 let alone ruling a country!  I find the dedication she has to her role very inspiring, she must have days like the rest of us where she wakes up feeling very ‘can’t be arsed’ but she cant exactly ring in sick now can she!.. She ploughs on and gets the job done.


I cant really write this post without mentioning Queen Elizabeth’s fantastic style!  She is so well dressed, she knows what suits her and I don’t think anyone can rock a hat like the Queen!  She has regularly been styled profiled by fashion magazines such as Vogue.  I personally am a big fan of brights & i love how the Queen isn’t afraid of stepping out in bold colours.


So Starlet Weddings sends a huge Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on becoming Britain’s longest reigning Monarch!



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