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Hello my lovely readers!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!… Today’s post is another real love Mondays post (just a day late)!

So lets look at keeping the magic alive shall we.  I’m sure many of you will agree that the first stages of meeting someone new and developing a relationship is one of the most exciting times!  All the firsts, you know the first date, first kiss, first time you say i love you etc.  So many romantic moments and late night phone calls!  Granted just after getting married it is so lovely and exciting as well & there are new firsts to experience together as Mr & Mrs.  Although throughout your life there will be many different and exciting first time experiences that you will have with your significant other we all know that life gets rather stuck in a routine & things can get a little static.  Jobs, families, gym, hobbies, social lives there are so many different things that take up time in our lives that we sometimes forget to make time for our partners.


I have a few tips that i think will be great for anyone looking to bring back that sprinkle of romance and excitement.

  • Firstly consider booking the odd romantic impromptu weekend away, this is so great for just getting away from normal life and distractions.  Explore a new place together, have a lovely meal and enjoy the benefit of staying in a hotel!  If this is difficult due to budget or kids etc., then maybe try to find a baby sitter and lay on a romantic night in.  Order a takeaway you both love, or cook a gorgeous meal, watch a romantic movie and have some wine, make a real effort with your appearance and don some sexy underwear and have a steamy night in together!
  • Another idea is to try to bring in a ‘date night’ you can do this weekly or monthly.  Take it in turns to pick something to do on date night and go out and have fun together.  It can be anything from an evening walk in the park to an evening at the cinema.
  • There are also many small things you can do that can really help.  Make the effort in your appearance, of course we all like to chill in the house with no make up and sweats on but sometimes it may be a nice surprise to get dressed up in your sexy PJs, light some candles and spend the evening together having some romantic times.
  • Leave cute little love notes with a surprise lunch you made him for work, just so he knows your thinking of him!  Even things like sending a really nice text in the middle of the day saying how much you love and appreciate him really can make him feel happy and special!

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Just a few little tips for you there.  More often than not it really is the little things than keep the romance going and keep things exciting.  If your comfortable doing it then send him a few naughty pictures throughout the day so he can see what he is coming home to – this keeps the spice between you.  Making the effort to look after yourself and look good is something that men actually really appreciate – not saying you need to look like Beyoncé 24/7 – who has time for that!, but every once in a while go get your hair and nails done, slap on some tan and buy a killer new outfit and let him show you off to the world.  He is proud that you are with him no matter how you look but its nice to show him you still want to make effort for him.  I also really am a fan of having a TV & phone free night, have some wine, put some chill out music on and just talk to each other, communication is always key in a relationship and setting this time aside really works wonders.  Another final top tip – Laugh together! Having fun and laughing can make you feel so close and it just feels natural to enjoy the time you spend with the one you love.  This does of course work both ways so remind him he needs to show you a little effort every now and then, every girl like a bunch of flowers sometimes just because he loves you!!!…


Anyone have any tips on how you keep the magic alive please feel free to leave a comment with your ideas!


Thanks for reading!

Love Kayleigh xx xx

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