Friendship – Best gift in life!

Hi All,

So this post is my Sunday musing…!! A little different to my usual wedding related posts but i think its important to do a few more personal type posts so you guys can get to know the woman behind the blog!..

So Friendship… something everyone needs and something everyone should have.  The journey to setting up Starlet Weddings has been a long road which has required a lot of work, self belief and determination, however having such a supportive network has made it so much easier for me.  I’m lucky enough to have an amazing husband and family who have been their for me through the whole thing.  My friends however have been just as amazing!  They have all been there for me to bounce ideas off, give suggestions, listen to ideas and open to helping me with anything i need!  This has led me to be rather reflective of late on friendship and what it means to me.


Like any important relationship in life you need to make time for it, put in the effort and enjoy it.  We all have busy lives – work, gym, families, partners, families and such but making plans with friends and keeping in regular contact is so essential.  I am lucky because i get to speak to my friends literally everyday!  Thanks to the power of whatsapp we have a girls group where we spend our days talking food, cocktails, celeb gossip and how we can’t wait for our next outing!  This has actually made us all closer than every because it’s comforting to know the girls are just a message away!  We make plans and try to get together every month, and we always have so much fun! Laughter is the best medicine and we get plenty!


It’s nice to have a group of women around me who actually really care, I can tell them anything and they wont judge – always will advise of course (we are women after all!lol) and in turn I enjoy being there for them and picking them up when they are down and sharing in all their special moments.  I think its easy to get wrapped up in your life and your own problems so sometimes we literally need to stop and make sure we have checked up on everyone close to us and find out how they are doing.  Just knowing someone is there and they care is so special.

We are varying ages in my friendship group 21 through to 28 and we work in different fields, have different style, some are single – some are not, have different hobbies and interests and very different views but we respect one another and recognise everyone’s strength within the group.  We share mutual loves of going out dancing and drinking cocktails and all have an obsession with Prosecco and wildly inappropriate conversation and this is what makes it work.   Many friendships groups of women suffer terribly from the old age jealousy, irritation and bitchiness problems and im not saying in our group we don’t sometimes get envious of one another or annoyed by each other but we do actually try to express it, mainly by direct insults!lol but it works for us!.. Try to empower each other and not tear each other down – we get enough of that from other women who don’t know us and men!  It’s important to stick together and support each other, if your friend is doing something to upset just tell them, they maybe annoyed you feel like that but your best friends they will get over it! You may be secretly green with envy that they have a brand new Audi and you have an old banger but don’t let it eat you up – just be like bitch your making my car look even worse now with your new flash car! lol… It’s amazing how much easier it is to say things with humour and how it just makes you feel a little better.  It doesn’t matter what you all have, how much money you have its about the love and trust in each other in your hearts.


I find more motivation and inspiration from my friends than anywhere else, so you too should look to your friends for that help you need.  My little sister is one of my best friends and she constantly inspires me to be better and always motivates me to be the best I can be.  Both my sister and brother make me want to achieve my goals so they can really be proud of me just like I am off them!  I have another friend who has literally grabbed her dreams with both hands and been like ‘okay this is my time’ by going to uni to achieve her goals which is so brave!  Another who doesn’t even know her own inner strength and beauty but has got through so much and is still achieving things she never thought she could and now is totally smashing it in a new job and totally inspires me.  One of my friends has taken control of her life this year and started living for herself, she has broken down so many personal barriers and become her own woman against all the adversity!  Another has traveled round the world to gain more experience and knowledge in her field and better herself – such a brave thing to do! And finally one of my friends who is one of those rare people in life who literally is like a ray of sunshine and also one of the kindest people I know, I find that so uplifting in a person.  So its thanks to these girls and their different qualities and traits where I am constantly inspired to be the best version of myself and in return I hope to do the same for them.  It’s to know that in a world of celebrity and fame many of us still find the most inspiration and motivation from our closest family and friends.


Many of you reading this will be planning your wedding, along with your husband you will usually have a few friends who will be there for the whole journey helping you out and being excited with you.  Sadly on my own wedding planning journey i read many stories on bridal forums and groups etc., of people loosing lifelong friends during their wedding preparation.  Women saying they had their best friend as the maid of honor and it ended up in tears because they weren’t as interested as they should have been, were jealous and many other reasons.  A little advice I would give as a wedding planner and also having been a bride myself – there wont be anyone as excited about your wedding as you, this is normal! Your friends care and are crazy excited for you but remember they have their own lives as well so just take off wedding mode every now and then and check in on them to see how they are doing.  Please remember that maybe your best mate’s purple hair is going to clash with the bridesmaids dresses or you hate her tattoos and are worried about your photos – this doesn’t give you a right to ask her to dye her hair and cover her tats, accept it because she is your best friend and you love her to death!! Enjoy the wedding planning with your friends & don’t let it come between you because good friends are hard to find!

Thank you for reading this rather long & personal post! Go message your friends and tell them you love them!

Thank you and much love always to my girls!!! xx xx xx


Love Kayleigh



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