Remember to love

So it’s the first Real Love Monday post! Exciting!!….

Today I am focusing on remembering the love.  Getting engaged is such an exciting time, the ring, the announcement, the party, the gifts, followed by of course the wedding planning!

I remember myself getting engaged and how exciting it was and how easy it is to get swept up in it all!… Sometimes you need to take a step back and remember what it’s all about.


Every couple has a different approach to wedding planning, some do it all together making every decision from invitations to cake design as a couple.  More often than not however, the Bride tends to do the majority of the work, you may consult your groom on the big decisions such as the venue, guest list and menu but all the pretty little details are usually the brides domain.  This is where it sometimes gets a little too much and the ‘bridezilla’ is born!!



Every one wants the perfect wedding and wants the guests to have an amazing time but please please please don’t let it all turn you into a huge control freak! You don’t want to let wedding planning bring out a crazy side to you and make your other half wonder if proposing was the best idea!  Try not to fly of the handle if he doesn’t seem overly interested in which type of candle looks the best.  He wants you to be happy, remember that as you go along and you will be fine.


Sometimes when it’s getting crazy at wedding HQ just stop and think why you are doing this – you want to be married to the person you love.  It doesn’t really matter if the shade of pink is slightly different on the napkins compared to the grooms tie….. believe me that’s not the stuff your guests remember!  They remember the look of utter love and amazement on the grooms face as he sees you in your dress for the first time, they remember the love and honesty in the vows you say to each other, how special the first dance is and more importantly how much the day was filled with pure love and joy.


Many people forget why they are planning a wedding, and it gets to big – Remember ‘I let the wedding get bigger than big’ from the first Sex and the City movie.  It’s about the promises you will make to each other and its a celebration of joy and love to set you on an amazing new journey in life!

Anyone reading this who has been a little crazy lately just stop, have a night off from wedding planning, go give your partner the biggest kiss and just relax!  As long as your married that’s the best outcome of any wedding planning.

wedding quote

Love Kayleigh x

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