Starlet Weddings is on the world wide web!! Yay!!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for much for popping over to my little corner of the world wide web and taking a look at my blog. I am so excited that today, 24th July 2015 my website is launching!! This is such a huge moment for me and really feels like the start of something fantastic. My first blog post i have decided to make short and sweet, just really a huge thank you for supporting me and hopefully for signing up to follow my blog.
I will be updating this regularly with lovely wedding related posts, as well as some personal lifestyle posts and also beauty and style blogs. If there are any topics you guys would particularly enjoy reading than please feel free to let me know!!

The about section explains all about me and my company so i wont bore you with all the details. I am just very excited about everything coming up with Starlet Weddings. I will be launching my balloon collection next month, i will have for sale some amazing large wedding balloons that can be styled to meet your wedding theme requirements perfectly!! So keep an eye out for that!
I am also working on creating amazing Santorini weddings for you guys, using my experience and knowledge of Santorini i am really excited about this!!.

Please sign up to follow my blog and from this week i will be starting my regular bridal and beauty posts.

xx xx xx


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