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This service really is the Gold standard when it comes wedding styling.  It’s the luxury service we offer to couples who want to have a complete stress free process to creating that ultimate dream wedding.

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life & it’s such a beautiful thing to be able to share your love in front of your family and friends.  Making your day as wonderful as possible is something that every couples wants.  Your wedding day is an expression of you as a couple and the styling is what brings that to life.


How we work our magic & create your dream day ......

So down to business, what exactly do you get from this service and how does it all work?!

This service has been designed by us to help you with every single step of the wedding styling process.  What exactly is wedding styling we hear you ask?  In a nutshell it’s basically the decorative aspects of the day & how it all fits together and comes to life.  Let’s say you have an image of a beautiful & sparkly Gatsby wedding in mind but have no idea how to get that from your pinterest board & turn it into reality.  Where do you get all the decorative accessories from?  How do you create a bespoke speakeasy sweetie table? This is where we come in.  As professional stylists we experienced in helping couples to create their dream wedding.  To find out even more about styling click here.

What exactly do you get with this service then? ….

We start off with that all important initial consultation.  This gives us the chance get to know you both individually & as a couple and find out your likes & dislikes, your favourite styles and your visions for your wedding day. It’s also a great way for you to get to know us and to start developing a great working relationship. We encourage you to bring along as many images, pinterest boards or magazine clippings you have, anything that shows the type of things you like and feel would be perfect for your wedding day.

After the consultation we will create some mood boards based on everything we talked about and the ideas and images you have shared with us.  In the initial stages so many couples have tons of ideas about what they want, so to visually see those ideas really does help you to get a clearer view and start making decisions on what will work for you both on the day.  We can really work on the wow factor ideas when creating style boards.  Having your guests walk in and have a jaw drop moment at the beauty of your venue and the thought that’s gone into it is all born from the style board process.

We also do Venue visits with you as this helps to really understand the space & enables us to come up with ideas on how to bring your chosen design to life and really stand out.  We do walk through with you of the space and make complete notes on literally everything right from the placement of decor & props through to best utilise the space in the venue to create a truly memorable wedding for you and your guests.  Our job is to take away all the stresses from you and make sure the styling is completely flawless and the venue visits really are key to this process.

wait theres more

As well as having a treasure trove of wonderful style items and props we are happy to create bespoke props for your wedding.  We can also source any decor or props needed to complete your day from charger plates and glassware right through to chaise lounges we can find it for you!  We also offer a discounted rate on our hire items as part of this service!

We have so many industry connections and know all the reliable suppliers so this immediately relieves stress and time from you, we also ensure any discounted rated are always passed on to you.  We will deal with all suppliers for any sourced decor or props items on your behalf but you will be responsible for the payment and contract signing with the suppliers.

There are so many wonderful & creative wedding styles out there now so it can be hugely overwhelming knowing how to pull the look together so it is what you want but also looks great.  Your other half may be totally obsessed with Star Wars but you really want a classic, romantic wedding but want to incorporate his star wars obsession somehow without it looking out-of-place and mismatched.  This is another way we are here to help.  The skills, experience and eye for detail means we can work alongside you to breathe life into this idea and design it perfectly so it really does make a memorable and most importantly personal experience for your guests.  You want your guests to leave your wedding thinking ‘yep that wedding was so them’

We will be able to show you mock ups of the table decor, welcome tables and other designs we are doing for you in our home office or via a Skype call so you can physically see how it will look and make sure you are happy with everything and you can make any tweaks necessary before we finalise the plans.

In our final meet up before your wedding we will go over all the fine details with you.  We make extremely thorough notes and sketches of exactly where everything will be placed and how it all goes together so you don’t need to worry about anything on your wedding day as it will be done exactly to plan.

The one thing you do not want to be doing on your wedding day is decorating your venue believe us when we will tell you it really does take hours!  It’s your big day, you are the stars and deserve to be treated like Royalty!  You need to make sure you have someone who knows exactly what they are doing and understands your wedding styling dream to give you that peace of mind!  So as part of this service we are there to come and set up everything for you on the day.  You can relax whilst being pampered and sipping on your champagne safe in the knowledge that everything is in the hands of professionals and that your day will look absolutely perfect.

Imagine that wow factor you will get when you walk in for the first time and see that vision that’s been in your head for months or years right there in front of you!  It adds that something special to your day being able to be wowed by your own wedding creation.  This is one of the many reasons we do what we do, because seeing the look of pure happiness on the faces of a couple is so amazing and something really special to be a part of!

We will also arrive the next day to take everything down so you can enjoy your first day as a married couple without having to spend it taking down your wedding decor – because let’s face it that’s really not fun at all!

We are always available to you throughout the entire styling process by phone, email, Skype or whatsapp.

Consultations can take place at our home office over a glass of bubbles, at your wedding venue or any other venue of your choosing! We also do Skype consultations

Pricing for this service starts from £695, the variables in the price are the distance and size of your wedding.

The Extra costs

  • Any items you decide to hire from us or commission us to make for your wedding will be quoted separately, as you are entitled to the discounted rate
  • Any decor or props from suppliers we source on your behalf will need to be paid for by you direct with that relevant supplier.

A 30% deposit is required to secure this service with the rest of the balance being due a month before your special day. We offer the option of payment plans so please do contact us to discuss this.

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