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Shoe fanatic, movie lover and a slight addiction to online shopping! I am the daughter half of the team.  In my professional life I come from an admin and customer service background but my huge passion for weddings and events has steered me to where I am today.  Although both of these fields have definitely given me so many skills that are required for the world of weddings and events!

I have been really into fashion and style for as long as I can remember.  I love surfing the net the day after the Oscars or the Met Gala so I can check out all the amazing outfits!  I also adore interior design and architecture.  Grand designs is one of my favourite tv shows!  Wedding design, fashion and interior style actually go together hand in hand, each inspiring the next!

fun facts

  • Self confessed Harry Potter geek!  I do actually know all the words to each of the movies!
  • I am also a huge fan of movies from the Golden age of Hollywood, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and breakfast at Tiffany’s being 2 of my favourites.
  • I love nothing more than going for a few cocktails and catching up with the girls,  taking holidays with my other half and  spending hours wandering around Dunelm with my Mom!
  • Yankee candles, Johnny Depp, shoes, re-runs of friends, fluffy cushions, Disney films, family, friends, vogue magazine, Christmas, History, Prosecco, laughing and holidays!  These are a few of my favourite things!


Kayleigh (1)As for me, the Mother half of the team I come from a background of working with children.  A teaching assistant for many years it’s actually amazing how many skills relate to wedding styling.  I have spent many hours helping to do the backdrops for school plays, style the kids in costumes and I can’t even begin to count how many display boards I have done throughout my life.  I have always had a creative flair and attention for detail when it comes to design and style and it’s a skill that is essential for wedding styling.

I love spending time looking around home decor stores and garden centres for style ideas.  Inspiration for something creative can come from anywhere!fun facts

  • I am a huge Manchester United fan, watch all the games!
  • I am really into genealogy,  i have spent years putting my family tree together and researching all the generations.  Family is really important to me so it’s been such an enjoyable hobby.
  • Coffee, shopping, meals with the girls, spending time with hubby and the kids, flowers, surfing the net, listening to music and buying home decor!  These are a few of my favourite things.